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This is a must have for your Visual Studio 2017 and 2019. Multiple Solution Explorer Tools

This extension mainly makes scoped Solution Explore view (create by New Solution Explorer View in context menu in Solution Explorer) persistent across solution unload and load (ie. it saves state when Visual Studio shutdown and restores it when solution is opened next time). It allows you to rename solution explorer view so you can easily distinguish it.

It allows you to create multiple solution explorer windows, rename them AND best of all you can close Studio and re-open and it remembers your settings.


Attaching from within Visual Studio to the dotnet.exe process Debug – Attach to Process



This works fine, however to me seems too many clicks/steps to do efficiently.

I have used for many years an extension to make this much easier.  There are a number of these ‘Attach To’ type extensions available.  The one I am using right now is AnotherAttachToAny

Once installed, I then set keystroke shortcut keys to execute the above steps.  This is how it is currently configured to me.  You can see I have Alt-A setup to immediately attach to the w3process (IIS), and Alt-D attaches to dotnet.exe.  This is one keystroke to attach to the running process and any breakpoints within my .net code are hit and I can then step through.


Configuration of this extension is done through Tools – Options – Another Attach To Any


Setting up a keystroke to one of the above commands is done through Tools – Options – Keyboard


This single extension has saved me hundreds of hours Smile

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