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After adding a solution to my local GIT repository, and comitting to local master I received the following exception…

Commit failed - exit code 1 received, with output: 'husky > pre-commit (node v12.16.2)
[npm run lint]
[npm run lint] > vuesion@3.7.2 lint D:\_Projects\GitHub\GitHub\Yardy\VueEParent\VueE\VueE\PWA\vuesion-master
[npm run lint] > vuesion lint
[npm run lint]
[npm run test]
[npm run test] > vuesion@3.7.2 test D:\_Projects\GitHub\GitHub\Yardy\VueEParent\VueE\VueE\PWA\vuesion-master
[npm run test] > vuesion test --coverage
[npm run test]
[vuesion prettier --staged]   Finding changed files since git revision 5f8e91e.
[vuesion prettier --staged]   Found 334 changed files.
[npm run test] PASS src/app/shared/components/VueDropdownMenu/VueDropdownMenu.spec.ts
[npm run test] PASS src/app/shared/components/VueButton/VueButton.spec.ts
[npm run test] PASS src/app/shared/components/VueSlider/VueSlider.spec.ts
[npm run test] PASS src/app/shared/components/VueAutocomplete/VueAutocomplete.spec.ts (5.11s)
[npm run test] PASS src/app/shared/components/VueStarRating/VueStarRating.spe


Attempts & Solution:

  • Tried adding C:\Program Files\Git\bin to PATH – no change (tried a commit and still have the issue)
  • Tried adding C:\Program Files\nodejs to PATH – no change (tried a commit and still have the issue)
  • Got it (worked)

    npm rebuild
    removed the node_modules

    performed my commit

    npm install

    All good for now

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