Changing the size of emulator memory as a result of INSTALL_FAILED_INSUFFICIENT_STORAGE error message.

Step 1 Edit Configuration files

Locate the configuration files by opening the directory for the particular emulator.  Ensure that the emulator is ‘stopped’ before proceeding.


  • Edit hardware-qemu.ini file
    disk.dataPartition.size = 550m
    disk.dataPartition.size = 8192m

  • Edit config.ini (change to the following)

Step 2 Factory Reset the emulator before booting the emulator, start up.


Step 3 Start up emulator and take a look at storage now.


The current Xamarin Forms master detail template is broken.  You will get an error like Error CS0101 The namespace 'already contains a definition for…

The fix..(thank you Kym Phillpotts)

1) It would appear, that the added pages have the wrong namespace. So change the namespace on the added pages

  • Page1.xaml.cs - change the Namespace to be just MyApp
  • Page1Detail.xaml.cs - Change the namespace to be just MyApp
  • Page1Master.xaml.cs - Change the namespace to be just MyApp
  • Page1MenuItem.cs - Change the namespace to "MyApp"

2) I also noticed that in the Page1Master.xaml.cs it is incorrectly referencing the MenuItems.
It says Page1MenuItems = new ObservableCollection...
Change that to be just
MenuItems = new ObservableCollection...

No you can go to your App.Xaml.xs and set the Page1 as the master page:
MainPage = new MyApp.Page1()



Also there are bugs in Bugzilla for both of these:

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