The default installation folder C:\Program Files\Microsoft Enterprise Library 4.1 - October 2008

  • Bin - contains the binaries you can use in the application.  Also the configuration editor EntLibConfig.exe which can be used to create and edit configuration files for EntLib
  • Docs - documentation
  • Src - contains the installer file for the Enterprise Library source file
  • Visual Studio Integration - contains binaries that make the configuration Editor available in Visual Studio

The installer also puts the original source code in C:\EntLib41Src

  • bin - contains the same as the bin above
  • Blocks - contains a solution that houses all 42 Enterprise Library projects. There is also a second solution that additionally contains unit test projects and the actual unit tests to verify correct working of Enterprise Library as you change it. This is a great value that allows you to feel comfortable editing this pile of code while being able to prove you have not broken anything
  • Lib - contains object builder and unity binaries that you can use in your application independent of EntLib
  • Quick Starts - contains sample code in both C# and VB.NET that you can use to see available functionality of EntLib and how to use it in your own applications.
  • Scripts - contains batch files to amongst others compile EntLib from the source, register assemblies and to install Northwind database for the quick starts

Enteprise Library 4.1 can be found


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