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DevOps–Pushing Nuget package to Azure Artifacts Repository

Published Jun 11, 2020
Some days you can be really productive, and others some very simple things just seem to eat up time. Today, I came across the latter and thought I would document for others and also myself. Installing a credprovider in order to push a nuget package to Auzre-DevOps. Read on...

Azure DevOps–File Transformation Pipeline

Published May 28, 2020
Azure DevOps - Build Pipelines and establishing build configurations when deploying to a Windows environment. The following is quick documentation walking through the process to ensure appropriate web.config files and transforms are performing during the publish steps within your pipeline. This is one approach used, while I believe there are still other alternatives available.

GitHub Desktop–‘husky’ > pre-commit Exception

Published Apr 19, 2020
GitHub Desktop issue with pre-commit package and related hooks? Struggled with this one this morning and tried a few things. I thought I would document so it may help others struggling with the same issue.


If you haven’t yet used Flipboard, it’s a great social app that allows its users to share, group, and collect content from multiple sources all in one place. It gives you the flexibility to set up your own streams, called ‘magazines’ to organise valuable content you come across when online. Users are also able to subscribe to public magazines that are owned by others or brands. The following are the two magazines that we support and manage.

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