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Your connection is not private–Google Chrome

Published Mar 24, 2020
Working local, working with https? Got your desktop environment working well, however while using Chrome and browsing you get this "not private" error. You can continue working/browsing if you click through advanced and proceed. This is great but if you are reading this my bet you are looking for a better solution. Read on!

NPM - dependencies vs devDependencies

Published Jan 7, 2020
Webpack is one of those technologies that has become increasingly important and yet struggles to be clear and obvious for most developers. One of the best ways to get up to speed is to start from scratch (empty package.json) and build up one piece at a time to understand how it works. Below are some notes about package.json and how dependencies are established.

DateTimeOffset Confusion

Published Dec 11, 2019
For many years, dates, times, time zones, new language date types such as datetimeoffset have confused developers. I am writing this in hopes that you can refresh some details about the often used datetimeoffset type.

String Comparisons

Published Dec 10, 2019
Yes! There really are 6 ways to compare strings within .NET (I suspect other languages as well). Hopefully this will shed some light on the options.

ASP.NET CORE–Slow Start Up

Published Dec 7, 2019
In an effort to speed up my development process, I determined that changing the logging level, even in development made a huge difference. Keep this in mind, and let me know if you find this useful.

HttpClient Saga & Related Notes/Links

Published Oct 9, 2019
Recently, we migrated our applications to latest windows server from 2008 and ran into a number of issues with sockets, connection limits and timeouts. The root of our issues is the default connection limits that we had not encountered before. Below is part of our investigation and subsequent resolution to these issues.


If you haven’t yet used Flipboard, it’s a great social app that allows its users to share, group, and collect content from multiple sources all in one place. It gives you the flexibility to set up your own streams, called ‘magazines’ to organise valuable content you come across when online. Users are also able to subscribe to public magazines that are owned by others or brands. The following are the two magazines that we support and manage.

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