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HttpClient Saga & Related Notes/Links

Published Oct 9, 2019
Recently, we migrated our applications to latest windows server from 2008 and ran into a number of issues with sockets, connection limits and timeouts. The root of our issues is the default connection limits that we had not encountered before. Below is part of our investigation and subsequent resolution to these issues.

Product Review : NDepend Part 1

Published Jul 13, 2019
NDepend a product to give you ultimate visibility into code quality, maintenance issues, and opportunities for improvement. This review (the first of many) is my first hand experience with installation, startup and initial usage/impressions of the product. Use the tool to gain control on multiple solutions, quickly and efficiently.

Visual Studio Themes

Published Jun 14, 2019
Visual Studio has been around for a while and while we have Light and Dark themes, the ability to add/modify/build themes has been lacking for years. Today, I took another look around and found some good resources. Check it out.

Change default global installation directory for node.js on Windows

Published Mar 16, 2019
Within companies often Anti-Virus (AV) can impact the installation process of common/recent npm modules. The default location for node modules has generally been a sensitive directory for AV software %appdata% and can be locked down. Continue reading for more details on changing the default installation directory.

Multiple Solution Explorer Tools–Visual Studio Extension

Published Jan 24, 2019
This extension mainly makes scoped Solution Explore view (create by New Solution Explorer View in context menu in Solution Explorer) persistent across solution unload and load (ie. it saves state when Visual Studio shutdown and restores it when solution is opened next time). Definitely a must have!

Attaching to .NET Debugger w/Visual Studio ASP.NET Core

Published Dec 2, 2018
You have a web site up and running and now you want to connect the Visual Studio Debugger. This is often the case if you do not start with F5 - Debug to start the browser and automatically attach to the .net debugger. In reality I almost never push F5. Instead I attach to the debugger on the fly with the approach below. Take a moment to check it out.


If you haven’t yet used Flipboard, it’s a great social app that allows its users to share, group, and collect content from multiple sources all in one place. It gives you the flexibility to set up your own streams, called ‘magazines’ to organise valuable content you come across when online. Users are also able to subscribe to public magazines that are owned by others or brands. The following are the two magazines that we support and manage.

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