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Update to Blog

Just a quick note about updating to new blog theme/approach/platform.

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azure linux

Permissions for .pem are too open

While connecting to Azure VM via SSH came across a series of stumbling blocks and hence the series of blog posts as documentation of the learning curve. This may help others.

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Rename SQL Server Schema

Copying SQL Databases, renaming is not as easy as it could be. Luckily the following script can make the effort much easier. Give it a try. After copying a SQL Server database I needed to create a new schema and transfer all tables and views and stored procedures from the old schema to the newly created schema. Using the following script made this task much easier.

Azure AppService HTTP Error 500.30 ANCM InProcess Start Failure

While hosting an application within Azure AppService, I was up against the dreaded 500.30 ANCM exception. Following is an approach to help get to resolution.

Hot Module Reload (HMR) Issues

HMR issues after creating new Vue app via vue-cli. Hot Module Replacement (HMR) exchanges, adds, or removes modules while an aplication is running, without a full reload. Ultimately, this significantly improves development efforts.

Xamarin Android - Platform Version Support

Version support and Android is confusing.