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Your connection is not private–Google Chrome

Working local, working with https? Got your desktop environment working well, however while using Chrome and browsing you get this "not private" error. You can continue working/browsing if you click through advanced and proceed. This is great but if you are reading this my bet you are looking for a better solution. Read on!

Updated: March 24, 2020
Created: March 24, 2020

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Getting Started Angular w/Visual Studio ASP.NET Core

A tutorial on starting out with the Angular template within Visual Studio 2017. Modern web development is new and different. I liken it to when developers made the jump from classic asp to There is a learning curve! Start small, challenge yourself to learn small tasks and over time a familiarity will give you more comfort. Read more.

Updated: November 10, 2018
Created: November 10, 2018

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