Attaching from within Visual Studio to the dotnet.exe process Debug – Attach to Process



This works fine, however to me seems too many clicks/steps to do efficiently.

I have used for many years an extension to make this much easier.  There are a number of these ‘Attach To’ type extensions available.  The one I am using right now is AnotherAttachToAny

Once installed, I then set keystroke shortcut keys to execute the above steps.  This is how it is currently configured to me.  You can see I have Alt-A setup to immediately attach to the w3process (IIS), and Alt-D attaches to dotnet.exe.  This is one keystroke to attach to the running process and any breakpoints within my .net code are hit and I can then step through.


Configuration of this extension is done through Tools – Options – Another Attach To Any


Setting up a keystroke to one of the above commands is done through Tools – Options – Keyboard


This single extension has saved me hundreds of hours Smile


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