One Hundred Pushups oh ya for real

- April 20, 2015

Rest of the Story:

Back from vacation and back into the routine of work, and I am ready to get in shape.  City living and a developers' lifestyle has left my body in rough shape.

My wife and I recently invested in some home exercise equipment, and I assembled it today. 

I was scanning some blogs this evening and came across a couple of other individuals in similar modes.  Rob Conery posted about the onehundredpushups ‘program’ and thought this is good timing.

So my goal is to do my time (2 – 30-minute sessions) on our home equipment daily as well as the 100 pushup plan.  I did the initial test and with sore arms I'm completing this post. For my friends out there, if you also get involved and do the program with me (and complete it) I will buy and have delivered your choice of merchandise from their site. 

Let me know if this sounds too good. I am serious.

I start day 1 tomorrow.  Let me know if you like my offer.