Team Foundation 2018 TFS .NET Core Command

The dotnet pack command builds the project and creates NuGet packages. Careful with configuration and specifically negative file pattern matching documentation(incorrect).

- October 30, 2018

Rest of the Story:

Using command dotnet push I was wanting to only publish nuget packages that included *.nupkg but also exclude *.symbols.nupkg pattern.

I figured okay, I would use option to negate a particular path. Using the help guidance

The pattern to match or path to nupkg files to be uploaded. Multiple patterns can be separated by a semicolon, and you can make a pattern negative by prefixing it with '-:'.

Example: /.nupkg;-:/.Tests.nupkg


The issue is that this is incorrect.  If you wish to pattern negative prefix with ! (with semi-colon for make delimited) such as