Web Site (to do and not todos)

- April 20, 2015

Rest of the Story:

I read this post by Josiah Cole and have to provide this abbreviated list and less sarcastic version of things to do when designing a web site.

Do not resize the user’s browser window ever.

If your web site does not immediately load on your home page and deliver your message within a couple of second’s your site needs redesign.
Never ask your customer which version they want to visit (high/low bandwidth etc.)
Never develop a web site entirely in Flash.
Do not reinvent the website navigation. Put the navigation along the top, left or even right. Period.
Print designers do not have the same skill set as web site designers.
Content is King. Search engines need real text.
Ensure your web site can work in the major browsers FireFox and Internet Explorer.
No flashing items on the web site (no blinking, blipping or barking)
Never put music on the web site.
Use text navigation (not graphics)
A site map with logical sub sections is better than using drop downs.
If your site needs a search engine to find content it’s time to redesign the web site.
The size of the pages is important. Keep it low and small. 50% of American web users do not have broadband.
Do not hide your message or obscure what you want users to do.
Allow individuals to get to the content fast and easily. Make the content easily visible and provide mechanisms to allow users to jump to items of interest.
If you use video embed your video in Flash within the browser.
Never make your users mouse over a graphic to understand what it is or where it will navigate the user to.
Use new technology sparingly. The users of the web site will not be as impressed by new technical things as you may be.

Josiah this is a great list of things to do and not do to establish a great web site. These are certainly words to live by.