Update to Blog

Just a quick note about updating to new blog theme/approach/platform.

- April 24, 2021

Rest of the Story:

Yes I am updating blog and web site as part of personal brand update. I have been hosting on A2 Hosting for the last few years. Recently, they sold their Windows hosting to Mochahost While service and uptime has improved there are other much lower cost alternatives.

Yes, I do question myself when I do these things, but overall it is a good investment both technology and the constant learning effort required in the technology field.

I decided to invest in the Nuxt.js After I evaluated a number of different blogging platforms, I found this to be the most aligned with my areas of interest. Nuxt is a modular framework optimized out of the box based on Vue.js. Nuxt suppports equally server side rendered (SSR) and static site generation approaches. I hope to blogging more about my experience with this platform for the foreseeable future (until the next platform change).